Only Suckers Are Rideshare Drivers

by admin, February 5, 2015

In today???s Taxi Truths, I received an email from a New York City cab driver. ??A real one! ??He had quite a few things to say about rideshare. ??Here is his Email, in full, unedited:

???Dear Isaac,

I read your blog and have a truth to share. I am a second-generation NYC hack with too many years behind the wheel??to count. I decided to give Uber a try recently. Some of my friends had tried it and all but one gave up on it. Still I was determined to try even though the other hacks said I???d be back. I happen to own a car unlike most hacks who live in the city and don???t need one. Even though I saved money by having a car it made no difference. ??I???m here to tell you that only suckers are rideshare drivers.

I make about 70 thou a year as a hack who leases. After all the costs with Uber I calculated that I would make about half of that. I tried everything including just waiting for surge periods. I also saw my own car taking the hits my leased cab normally takes and realized the toll taken on my car would mean a lot more in repairs and body work that the cab company otherwise takes the hit on.

if people want to use Uber or Lyft or whatever then go right ahead. It can be cheaper than a taxi but they better enjoy it while it lasts because only a dummy would drive Uber as a full time job. ??Part time doesn???t even make sense because of the cost that you actually see like gas and the stuff you don???t like wear and tear. I am saving my money, like my father did to buy a medallion.

Anyway that???s my truth. My friends were right. ??Thanks for listening. ??Rajeev H. ??PS, the garage I work at had all of its cabs out today. ???


Thanks for sharing, Rajeev.

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